Moving Light Productions (MLP) is a company with professional lighting designers, stage managers, technical managers, set builders and technicians who have national and international experience in theatre and events. When you chose one of our lighting designers or technical staff they are able to make a decision quickly as to the type of design and technical package you require. When deciding on the type of design that you want the most important thing that we take into consideration is what the budget is and being able to provide the required amount of within that budget. Not only do we design lighting we can create a full set designs, technical manage, production manage your show from the plans through to the finished product.


                                             When it comes to finding the right lighting design team MLP can provide that service. With

                                             many years of experience in Professional Theatre, School Productions, Concerts and 

                                             Independant Theatre, Moving Light can design a light show to suit your needs whether its 

                                             using the in-house standard lighting rig through to a fully installed LED and moving light rig   

                                             incorporated with LED Screens. With the innovation of LED Screens Moving Light Productions

                                             have access to the highest quality of high resolution LED Screens that can be used for any type

                                             of production. Budgets are foremost important to us and we can design, install and operate all

    your lighting requirements to suit your production. We are passionate about what we do and our staff will be on board with           your production all the way through to the bump out. Our technicians and technical and production managers will make sure         that they are updating your lighting design with the changes that you require through to the opening night.                       



                                                        If you require your venue to have a new dimmer room, theatre lighting bars or a full stage fit out                                              the team is able to provide a full quote based on your theatrical needs of the venue. We are able                                              to design several options for you that suits your budget. Once we view your venue we will                                                        provide a full comprehensive report including CAD drawings of your space and what you require.                                              Our team have great relationships with our theatrical suppliers to be able to give you the state of                                              the art equipment for your venue. If you are thinking of upgrading your theatre, hall, school                                                    classroom or major arts precinct, our team are able to provide you with a comprehensive quote.                                                The team at MLP have provided consulting and theatre upgrades with schools such as Mentone       Grammar School's Thorold Theatre, Kilvington Grammar School's Theatre Dimmer room and stage lighting upgrade, Live at         the Bundy (Community Venue), St Aloysius College Theatre. Please feel free to contact us for a quote. 


                                            The team at Moving Light Productions can also provide a full projection service both with either                                                 10 - 20k projectors or if you want to incorporate LED Screens into your set design we have over                                               2000 panels that we can build into your design. We have specialised projection designers that can                                             provide state of the art 3D designs either still or moving images on the screens or projection. Our                                             LED Screens are both suits to either outdoor or indoor depending on your event. We can                                                         design the screens to be of any configuration for your production whether it be a rock                                                             concert, corporate event or theatrical event. Our screens and projectors are of state of the art                                                   and with an incredible partnership with CVP we can provide state of the art projection designs for    your show. Our projection designs can be from small scale video screens or projectors through to large scale. We can custom      design your show to suit what ever your require in terms of design. When choosing your design we can work closely with            the creative team to incorporate both set and projection togther. www.lightinglab.com.au



                                            In todays market both set and lighting have become an integral part of any production and the                                                 team at Moving Light Productions along with staff at IMPORTED THEATRE FABRICS have                                                         joined together to create stunning, cost effective set designs and builds for your next school,                                                   community or professional production. With an intense drafting process of paper to stage, the                                                   design team at IMPORTED THEATRE FABRICS can create stunning set designs incorporating                                                     any design from a revolve to several large staircases. Whether its a large or small backdrop you      want painted, a set of stairs or a revolving floor or a full double story house set built the guys at                                              www.importedtheatrefabrics.com.au can provide you with any set or scenic backdrop you require.                                                         



                                                       Moving Light has specialised in technical management and production management for a number                                             of years having provided services for clients such as Live Nation Australasia, Victorian Education                                               Department,Andrew Kay and Associates, Gary Ginnivan Attractions, City Of Melbourne, Encore                                                   Theatre Company (Launceston), Mentone Grammar, Emmaus College, Kilvington Grammar                                                       School, City of Knox, City of Melbourne, Tasmanian Government. Our staff will make sure that all                                               your lighting, audio, automation and staging are all working smoothly together to ensure that you                                             achieve the best result with your production. As Technical Managers our staff will provide second                                               to none care in all our planning in relation to all schedules, lighting positions and staging                elements. Our staff will provide detailed cad drawn plans,schematic venue plans and workable production schedules. With          experience in working on events such as Commonwealth Games (Melbourne), Victorian State Schools Spectacular and many        national tours our staff will look after your needs.



                                                     If you're needing a production requires the use of LED screens, MLP is able to source and setup                                               high resolution LED screens with video mapping intergrated. Moving Light Productions in

                                          conjunction with LIGHTING LAB can provide and supply full production including hire of LED                                                     SCREENS, MOVING LIGHTS and full production personnel for your next production.                                                                 source professional lighting to meet the lighting                           

                                          Moving Light Productions has been working with Lighting Lab for over 20 years and has built up a

                                          partnership with many corporate and commercial clients. www.lightinglab.com.au                   






















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